We believe that the creation of a division within the American Psychological Association [APA] devoted to the scholarly and practical study of the psychological aspects of the entertainment industry holds the promise of significant benefit to the field of psychology, our clients, and society at large. 

We are currently seeking 850 signatures from members and associates of the APA to create the division. The petition may be viewed by clicking the second tab on your left, or if you're a member, you may following the link below to view and sign the petition on the APA website. 

If you are not a member or associate of the APA we have created a public petition that anyone can sign to support our idea and efforts for helping those in the entertainment industry.  Just click on the fourth tab to your left that says Public Petition, there will be a link on the page that will redirect you to the petition for you to sign.

Additionally, the new division will consist of, but not be limited to:

Helping Entertainers and Athlete's With:

Fame, Rejection, Expectations, Objectification, Personal Relationships, Identity Issues, Media Relations, and much more.

The purpose of the proposed division is:

  • ·         To advance the contribution of psychology as a discipline to the entertainment industry.

  • ·          To promote the development and delivery of specialized psychological services to professional entertainers, athletes, and others working in the industry.

  • ·         To increase accessibility and reduce stigma associated with psychological services.

  • ·         To promote education, training, and preventative wellness measures in matters of stressors encountered by entertainers, athletes, and people working in the industry; issues including unique stressors associated with practice, research, education and training, and the public interest

  • ·         To use psychological knowledge to advocate for the welfare of entertainers, athletes, and people working in the entertainment industry.

  • ·         To better understand the impact of media portrayal of entertainers and athletes on society as a whole.

APA Members may sign petition At:


(Go to link above, then go to the right column and the second box down)

Thank you for your signatures.